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Fill Your Vacancy! Increase Your Cash Flow! Are You Losing Too Much Money??

Take this quick Landlord Cash Flow Quiz? Answer True or False?

1. You have had a vacancy sit empty for more than 7 days?

2. One of your residents has moved out after only a year or less?

3. Turnover is eating away at your profits costing you thousands?

4. Too many times, one of your residents pay late or not at all?

5. You have a resident who has continual maintenance issues?

6. One of your properties currently have a negative cash flow?

7. A former resident has left owing you thousands of dollars?

If you responded “True” to one or more of the above statements, you are losing way too much money. Don’t make the big mistake I made early on when I was losing lots of money. I falsely believed that I would figure everything out soon enough. The truth is many of you will eventually learn on your own what you need to know. But why waste so much valuable time (as I did) taking many years to learn what others have already learned and willing to share with you now. Most smart landlords quickly realize after they start making a few of the suggested changes to how they manage their property, that they are making much more cash flow. Over the last 30 years, we have helped tens of thousands of rental owners increase their net income by sharing hundreds of strategies of what other very successful landlords do differently to increase their cash flow. And if you are fed up with losing lots of money, and you are ready to just try a few different, proven ideas, then you have come to the right place! We will give you a ton of resources and bonuses below, plus a money back guarantee that we will significantly help add to YOUR cash flow and success!

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A MRLANDLORD.COM MEMBERSHIP IS FOR RENTAL PROPERTY OWNERS  who want to TAKE GREATER CONTROL of their rental property and generate MORE CASH FLOW and FREEDOM. Are you fed up with rental challenges? We want to help you no longer lose money because of so many of the frustrations which drag down the average landlord and stop you from reaching your real estate goals and dreams! Learn from MrLandlord.

We have been helping real estate investors for 30+ years by teaching and providing all the keys to your landlording success. Increase your net income, fill vacancies faster, keep residents longer and drastically reduce rental headaches! See Membership Bonuses below. Call us if you have any questions, 800-950-2250.

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Audio Trainings

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Audio Course

40 Ways to Increase Your Net Income

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Memberships include immediate access to the following:

“I just joined as a gold member and I find your site extremely helpful.” — Albert FL

“A single idea out of the newsletter could save you 10 times the cost or more. A recent issue contained the letter I use for converting some slow payers to the biweekly payment plan. That letter makes me an extra $3,000 per year.” — Dan Arnold, MA

“After spending $2500 on newpaper ads and carrying an empty unit for 7 months, I decided to use one marketing tip featured in the Mr Landlord newsletter. I rented the unit in three days. I think this will be a great tenant too!!”
— Britt, NC.

“I recommend each one of Jeffrey’s audio courses. Each one has given me ideas that saved me many times the purchase price. I can say the same thing about the Mr Landlord newsletter.”
— James, MA.

“Yes, the audio (trainings) are amazing. Jeffrey Taylor aka “Mr. Landlord” is the master at taking the idea of landlording to the reality of successful landlording. So many people don’t like rentals because they don’t understand how to be a Landlord. In my humble opinion, anyone who listens to Jeffrey will gain tremendous benefit. Jeffrey Taylor’s information is phenomenal. He is one guy who DEFINITELY OVER DELIVERS. And I have been through his course many times. He is hot!”
— John Burley, AZ

“Mr. Taylor, We are grateful in being members and for all the useful material that has enhanced our numerous properties. Thank You”
— Byron & Peggy P, CA

“I recommend a Platinum membership. It’s around $200 a year, but includes a $300 discount to the Landlord Boot Camp, complimentary admission to the Convention and access to a boatload of training, forms and other online resources. If you’re already planning to attend (any of) these events, it’s hard to beat that deal. My wife and I have been to the last two conventions and we had a great time, met some online friends, made new friends and learned a lot.”
— bssterl, NH.

Now is the time to take control and increase your cash-flow!

The first step is to enroll for one of the three membership levels by reviewing your membership options below (starting as low as $99). If you already have a membership, simply log in just under the enroll link to the upper right with your username and password. Click to compare membership levels and bonuses.

  • Annual Gold Club Access Pass grants you access each year to one third of the products available for download! Plus 20% discount off live training! $1000 in total value for only $99! To order, click below.
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