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525 Rehab, Remodeling, Repair, and Maintenance Secrets

525 Rehab, Remodeling, Repair, and Maintenance SecretsThis eBook is a “must-have” resource for landlords.
If you are looking for ways to make inexpensive improvements to your property on the resident’s anniversary date, this hands on guide provides hundreds of very specific and actionable tips and ideas for how to rehab, and remodel rental properties. This book covers what no one else talks about (but the kind of stuff every landlord needs to know)!

The best way to make profits with rentals is to increase cash flow using low-cost property improvements, cut operating expenses and know how to quickly solve maintenance problems. This one-of-a-kind manual is full of quite literally, hundreds upon hundreds of quick tips and ideas that will help landlords inexpensively renovate, rehab, repair and maintain their properties. Being able to do this cheaply, quickly and efficiently while greatly reducing your operating expenses is the fastest way to increase profits!
Below are just some of real-world topics covered in this manual that you won’t read anywhere else:

* Kilz tricks,
* low-budget kitchen cabinet facelifts,
* 4 countertop solutions cheaper than replacing,
* holes in vinyl,
* creativity and repairs,
* painting tricks that make a room look like a million dollars,
* sewer clogs tricks,
* roof leak tricks,
* rotten wood tricks,
* the top-50 rehab ideas,
* trash disposal secrets,
* using free or almost free materials,
* dumpster diving,
* caulking tips,
* critical tool secrets,
* 7 giant carpet secrets,
* alternative to using carpet (paint floors or polyurethane instead),
* rubber roofs,
* el cheapo roof patches,
* secrets of used appliances,
* landscaping improvements,
* appliance repair secrets,
* cleaning secrets with bleach,
* the #1 one tool you need that most investors fail to use,
* waterheater secrets,
* beware of these obsolete things,
* inspecting tools,
* lies tenants tell about clogs,
* broken window tricks,
* inventorying and organizing your supplies,
* saving money on rehabs,
* emergency heat solutions,
* and a lot more ideas — hundreds!

This manual is for REAL landlords who want more than a basic landlording book that usually hardly ever focuses on the real-world nitty-gritty maintenance problems we face on a daily basis.

This manual provides practical suggestions and goes far beyond just telling the reader to simply paint and carpet, Instead this manual gives specific product recommendations and headache-saving tips to deal with various rehab and maintenance problems that no one (until now) is telling landlords how to handle.

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